Commet Tecuci

About us

commet_his1The Company was established in 199commet7 as a state owned company under the name of "Steel Structure Works" and operated under this name untill 1990. In 1991 the Company became a Joint Stock Company having as main share-holder the State ownership Fund (S.O.F).



In 1999 the Company became a 100% Private Joint Stock Company. In 2002, UZINEXPORT S.A. became the major share-holder by acquiring 74,431% of the company's shares.

Range of products

COMMET S.A. Tecuci manufactures and sells products based on the technical documentation provided by its clients or of its own designs, namely:

  • Welded sheet sections of minimum 300 mm steel structures for civil or industrial buildings,
  • Various equipments for engineering industry, steel-, mining-, power-, chemical-, food-, agriculture and machine building industries,
  • Thermal - power station equipment,commet_prod1
  • Spare parts,
  • Galvanized pillars for overhead lines,
  • Tools and accessories for agriculture and household use,
  • Metal joinery.

All products, either manufactured based on the workshop drawings provided by the client or developed in cooperation with the Romanian designers, are in most of the cases fully pre-assembled and tested at the company's own premises, thus ensuring a perfect matching of the parts for further final erection and saving a lot of time and potential trouble on site projects final sites.

As a result of our qualified workers and Quality assurance system, we have received the TUV Management Certificate, as per ISO 9002, SLW M?nchen for welding procedures and ISCIR Romanian Register for High Pressure Vessels.

commet_prod2 commet_prod3

Organization Structure

The plant is organized in production workshops in order to ensure the main technological commet_org1operations as following:

  • cutting: oxy-gas cutting on semi-automatic machines, mechanical cutting on guillotine and combined end shears of high productivity.
  • welding: automatic welding under layer or flux, semi-automatic welding in CO2 and argon protecting environment and manual-electrical welding.
  • machining by using high precision machine tools.
  • corrosion prevention: through passivation, priming and painting, according to executiocommet_org2n documentation and to technical conditions of previously sand blasted surfaces.
  • hot galvanizing for 900 x 1000 x 8000 mm max. size of piece.

Current Business Strategy

As the company has undergone through quite a long transition period before our taking over six months ago, the main target has been to re-shape the plant with the aim of reaching a closer level to the maximum design capacity of production (i.e. 8,500 against 11,000 tpy).

Meanwhile, as a traditional sub-supplier of some of the most famous Western engineering companies, it had been and still is a must to continuously improve the quality level of manufactured products, along with a very reliable delivery timing considering the undertaken Contractual obligations fulfillment.

As a result of these general views, the following main goals have been considered:

  • rehabilitation of the existing production facilities.
  • enhancement of the present facilities with new ones in order to ensure the quality level of the manufactured products. Therefore, purchasing of new cutting, welding, machining, painting, tooling equipment is intended.
  • re-shaping of the design & engineering department for a complete and up-to-date processing of the received documentation or development of own products.
  • efforts to increase productivity and decrease costs, in order to be more competitive on a very strong market, as the industrial projects are generally and the steel structure fabrication is particularly.
  • a better marketing policy, which is now more strongly and efficiently supported by the main share-holder, UZINEXPORT, with the aim of comprehensively covering the production capacity of the plant and of ensuring a suitable exposure of the company profile in the international market.



Mainly, we have supplied the following products for our Foreign Clients: Steel structures for Germany and Egypt, galvanized pillars for Iran, petroleum product tanks for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Italy, different spare-parts for France, Austria, USA, Venezuela, Belgium a.s.o. An enclosed brief list of the main clients during the last 3 years is given below.

  • MARUBENI Co.Japan - steel structures fabrication for cement plants : 1000 tons in 1998 and 400 tons in 2001 - 2002;
  • ABB S.A. Venezuela - steel structures fabrication for Loma de Niquel Venezuela : 1800 tons in 1998 - 1999;
  • SEMI SA Madrid Spain - tubular towers for mobile phone systems : 2850 tons in 1998 - 2000;
  • LAFARGE - ROMCIM Romania - steel structures fabrication for cement plants: 900 tons in 1999;
  • DSD DILLINGER GmbH Saarlouis Germany - steel structures fabrication for steel plant in Germany : 1000 tons in 1999 - 2000;
  • SMS DEMAG AG Duisburg Germany - steel structures fabrication for steel plant in Belgium : 900 tons in 1999 - 2000 ;
  • HKS Hamburg Germany - steel flanges : 1800 tons in 1999 - 2002;

    FULLER Co.INC. USA - steel structures fabrication for cement plant in Egypt : 1850 tons in 2000 - 2001;

  • MISR BENI SUEF CEMENT Co. Egypt - steel structures fabrication for cement plant:1200 tons in 2000 - 2001;
  • C.S. SIDEX S.A. Galati Romania - steel structure fabrication for furnaces : 800 tons in 2000 - 2001;
  • PROVATIO CONSULTING Austria - various steel parts for furnaces for
  • SALZBEAM AG Peine Germany : 300 tons in 2001;
  • REIME JARLSO AS Tonsberg Norway - steel towers for mobile phony systems in Slovenia; 280 tons in 2001;
  • OTELINOX S.A. Targoviste Romania ( a company of SAMSUNG Group) - steel structure fabrication for stainless steel plant: 650 tons in 2001 - 2002;
  • ATB Brescia Italy - steel structure of a bridge in the Dominican Republic: 2350 tons in 2001 - 2002.


144 1Decembrie 1918 Str. Tecuci; ROMANIA
Tel: 40-236-820.035; 820.036