Hidrojet Campina

About us

hidrojetThe plant was established in 1974 as a specialized work-ship of M/S MEFIN SINAIA a manufacturer for fine mechanical devices.

In 1967, M/S MEFIN got from M/S BOSCH of Germany the license to manufacture Diesel engine injection components.

In 1990, M/S HIDROJET became a separate entity, as a Joint Stock Company, specialized for manufacture of a relevant number of Diesel engine injection components.

During this period of time the Government owned through the "STATE OWNERSHIP FUND" 70% of the Company's registered capital.

In May 2000, the company became fully private.

Range of products

hidrojet_prod1DIESEL INJECTION COMPONENTS for all types Diesel engines (5-4000 HP), as follows:

  • Nozzles size P, S, D, S, T, U, V, W
  • Injectors
  • Injection Elements and Relief Valves
  • Automatic Advanced Devices
  • Feed Pumps
  • Diesel Oil Filters


  • Installed on tractors, tippers, excavators

CAST PIECES, as per the following main features :

  • Weight of the item: 0.02 - 2.0 Kg
  • Min. no. of pieces: 2,000 pcs.
  • Max. Length: 200 mm
  • Min. Thickness: 4 mm


HIDROJET can produce tailor-made pieces by precision metal working of high quality, at very competitive prices .







The Company was ISO 9001: 1995 certified, from January 1999 to January 2002; and from March 2002 being ISO 9001: 2001 certified and it is an affiliated member of the European and Romanian Quality Organizations .

Organization Structure

Hidrojet SA is organised in production workshops, from the technological point of view as follows:

  • Bulb Nozzle Workshophidrojet_org1
  • Various Nozzle Workshop
  • Injection and Automatic Advanced Devices Workshop
  • Cast Pieces Workshop


  • Mechanical & Energy Workshophidrojet_org2
  • Tool Room
  • Forging and Die Casting Workshop
  • Heat Treatment and Chemical Treatment Plant
  • Miscellaneous manufacturing work shop

Current Business Strategy

The top priority for the managing team is to increase the profitability of the firm; to update the range of its products as for complying the latest European legislation in the automotive domain. In the last few years it has been established a new image of the company through the diversification of its range of products.

The most important targets of the company are:

  • to improve the customers' satisfaction degree. In this respect the company has implemented the "Procedure of the measurement of the clients' satisfaction degree", as per ISO 9001:2001.
  • to include in the customers' list other European or US automotive producers. In this respect, the management of the factory is embarked at the present time in negotiations with few important companies in this field.
  • to extend the sales in the local market - the target for the next two years is to increase the percentage of the piece supplied through dealers to 80%. In this respect, the company has different selling terms and conditions for different client categories.
  • to improve the selling policy by taking into consideration: "just in time" deliveries, a flexible payment policy (taking into consideration different means of payment).
  • to maintain or increase the level of the sales on the already conquered markets and to extend it to new areas through the assimilation of new products and using suitable policies for every external market.
  • to increase the productivity, by buying CNC machine tools for the production sector.


The customer list of the company is quite large, Hidrojet being the only producer in Romania and one of the most important in East Europe, specialized in the production of nozzles, injectors and automatic advanced devices.

The customers are the manufacturers of tractors and other agricultural machines, automobiles, trucks and the wholesalers of spare parts for these.

Existing sales markets operating mainly through direct export, are the following: USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Arab countries.


18 Grivitei Str. Breaza 2165; Prahova; ROMANIA
Tel: 40-244-340.264; 340.350
Fax:40-244-340.719; 341.455
e-mail: hidrojet@excelnet.ro
web: www.excelnet.ro/hidrojet