“U” Business Center

The handy, affordable and wubc1ell-equipped premises of UBC are open for business, in the very heart of Bucharest, just across the Government House.

The facilities are concentrated on two different and distinct floors, having the meeting and conference rooms at the mezzanine one and the larger gatherings like cocktail parties and symposia being comfortably accommodated on the top floor and enjoying also the benefit of a vast ubc2panorama of The Northern Bucharest area.

ubc3“U” Business Center hosts international conferences, companies’ presentations, products or programs launching, scientific seminars, press conferences, political events.

Our clients belong to important multinational companies registered in Romania, foreign companies who want to launch their products in the Romanian market, companies dealing in training and human resources sourcing, non-governmental organizubc4ations, advertising companies, press trusts.

Some salient features of “U” BUSINESS CENTER conference rooms are given bellow:

  • Roof top hall, named “ON TOP OF BUCHAREST” – Auditorium – (7-th floor) hosting up to 100 participants, an ideal place for international conferences, press conferences and special seminars.
  • “ON TOP OF BUCHAREST” – Foyer – (7-th floor) one of the largest rooms is a perfect place to organize cocktails, receptions and special events all over the year.ubc5
  • Training hall, named “JADE” Hall (mezzanine), having an 135 sq. m. area, can be split in two smaller rooms for training, for example, each hosting up to 15 participants.
  • Training hall named ”AGAT” Hall (mezzanine), having U-shaped tables and a 98 sq. m. area can be also shaped as desired.
  • Training hall, called “EMERALD” Hall (mezzanine), having T-shaped tables, a 53 sq. m. area can be also divided into two smaller rooms which areubc6 ideal for work-shop purposes.