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Resita Renk

Range of products

The facilities of the factory make possible design and execution of the heavy duty gear boxes for the following fields:

4.1 Marine Industry

power: 100-6.500kW,
classical and planetary
marine and river ships
for the propulsion of the ships (reversers and non-reversers),
auxiliary on the ship (for electric power generators, pumps, etc.)

4.2 Metallurgic (iron and steel) Industry
4.3 Cement Plants
4.4 Power Sector
4.5 Mining
4.6 Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
4.7 Transportation System
4.8 Rubber and Plastic Industries

Resita - Renk S.A. manufactures spare parts for all supplied heavy duty gear boxes and based on customer's documentation. In 20 years of activity, RRR has delivered more than 7000 heavy duty gear boxes, their concept and execution having as basis the licensor's know-how, the company Renk A.G. of Germany and the experience gained by the Romanian staff.
For its products, RRR provides services in the whole world in cooperation with Renk Germany.

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18.08.2014 - VERY IMPORTANT
The contact address of UBC (Uzin Business Center) has changed in mihaela.dragusin@uzinexport.ro   ...


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